Holden’s Sex Scandal Leads To Lawsuit

October 20, 2011

(Baton Rouge) Prior to Kip Holden’s re-election as mayor of Baton Rouge, he took to the airwaves of WBRZ channel 2 in Baton Rouge to denounce the “smear campaign”. Holden suggested that major legal trouble was in store for the perpetrators and the FBI would be involved. Soon, a local businessman was charged with ethics violations even though his only involvement was engaging in the business that he continues to do today. No wrong doing was found on anybody for the campaign “smear”.

Today, Darrell Glasper filed a lawsuit against Mayor Kip Holden alleging that the mayor “Holden committed acts of defamation whereby he disparaged, impugned, and otherwise maligned the good name, character, and reputation of Glasper.”

Though Mayor Holden was re-elected despite claims of sexual misconduct, the issue may continue to plague Holden for the rest of his term.

We have provided a copy of the lawsuit and you may download it Petition for Damages Darrel Glasper v. Kip Holden 10-18-11(1).

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