October 19, 2011

InsideLouisianaNews.com has learned some interesting information regarding a local politician running for the State Senate. Sadly, it’s not the kind of news we like reporting but we have an obligation to report the facts as we receive them. The following is an account of the events as reported directly to InsideLouisianaNews.com:

“The day after Christmas, in the parking lot of an auto parts store on Greenwell Springs Rd., Debra Mannino was beaten, thrown on the ground and kicked” according to a petition filed by now Judge Toni Higginbotham. The beating took place in front of her then minor children. After years of abuse Debra O’Neill Mannino filed for divorce. The Petition was recorded 4-25-2006. The petition described her husband as Michael Jerome Mannino living at Rt. 4 Summers Rd. Baton Rouge, LA. The petition states that out of fear she requested a temporary restraining order without bond and thereafter a preliminary and then a permanent injunction. Court records showed Michael Mannino had violated the previous restraining order and was charged with simple battery.

In another case Michael Jerome Mannino — Driver’s License # —–6346 Social Security # Confirmed living at Rt. 4 Summers Rd. Baton Rouge, LA. was arrested for assaulting a police officer at the Blitz Lounge on Airline Hwy. Even though the police officer was bleeding, he subdued Mannino placing him under arrest and transported him to jail.

In 2009 Michael Mannino, his brother and father arrived at their rental property while E.B.R. Parish Sheriff’s Deputies were investigating illegal immigrants. One of the Mannino’s interfered with the officers and was placed on the ground, handcuffed and transported to jail.”

In 2010, one Michael Jerome Mannino decided he wanted to serve the citizens of Central as a public official. He visited with his close friend Woody Jenkins who previously served in public office. Woody Jenkins is the owner and editor of the Central City News and is an experienced politician who has been defeated on numerous occasions. Jenkins shared his political knowledge with Mannino, a Democrat, who then qualified and ran for the Central City Council. It has been reported that when small business owners in Central would not allow Jenkins to place his newspaper in their businesses, Mannino would get his supporters to boycott the small business owners. There were 9 candidates in the race for Central City Council and Mannino came in last with less than 8% of the vote. Apparently, this did not discourage Mannino and Jenkins.

In 2011, the Legislature created a new Senate District 6. The district covers portions of Tangipahoa, Livingston and East Baton Rouge Parish. Five days before qualifying began, Woody Jenkins and Michael Mannino decided Mannino should switch to the Republican Party. The new district is a conservative, religious area where the TEA PARTY is extremely popular. The Louisiana Tea Party PAC has rejected Mannino and candidates with criminal backgrounds. The new district has 120,000 citizens. The Hammond, La. newspaper reported Jenkins and Mannino campaigning vigorously in Tangipahoa Parish apparently in the hopes that they would not be judged by their past. Whether this will work in Mannino’s favor or not remains to be seen. Either way, the voters will have the final say on October 22.

Recent opinion polls leaked to InsideLouisianaNews.com have shown Mannino at 6%: White at 68%: 26% undecided.

After further consideration and an accusation from candidate Mannino that we are “libelous”, we have decided to release the documentation.

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