Tea Party of Louisiana Endorses Billy Nungesser for Lt. Governor

October 19, 2011

Baton Rouge, LA – The Tea Party of Louisiana announced today that they have endorsed Billy Nungesser for Lt. Governor. Nungesser is a small businessman and President of Plaquemines Parish, where he gained national attention as the voice for Louisiana in the wake of the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill Disaster.

“We are proud to stand behind Billy Nungesser for Lt. Governor,” said Bob Reid, spokesman for the Tea Party of Louisiana. “Billy is a lifelong conservative who has worked tirelessly for the people he represents. He is a proven watchdog, returning money to the taxpayers of his parish and is not afraid to fight for what is right, taking on both private corporations and the federal government. He has the tenacity and the passion our state needs.”

“We know the truth about the candidates and their records,” explained Reid, “and the Tea party of Louisiana is proud to stand behind a candidate that is a passionate fighter for Louisiana like Billy Nungesser.”

The Tea Party of Louisiana is a non-partisan, grassroots organization with no ties to any political party. We are American patriots who have drawn a ‘line in the sand’. The destructive level of government spending and regulation must stop! And we want our essential liberties back. We want a return to the framework of government designed by our founding Fathers under the Constitution. We want a return to the philosophical basis of the Declaration of Independence.

We want less government intrusion in our lives which includes a reduction in taxes, government size and government regulations.

As we move towards 2012, we are in the most important battle in our lifetimes for the future of this country. We are very concerned that the hard left has almost totally taken control of the Democratic Party and we are also troubled with the direction of the Republican Party that is sometimes conservative, sometimes moderate and sometimes totally clueless. We need passionate fighters like Billy Nungesser

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