March 30, 2011

BATON ROUGE – The Tea Party of Louisiana has issued a “RINO WATCH” alert for Louisiana State Senator Sherri Cheek.

“RINO” is an acronym for “Republican in Name Only”, or republicans who have liberal voting records.

“The Louisiana Legislature is filled with republicans who believe in big government and who fail to represent their conservative constituencies,” Tea Party of Louisiana spokesman Bob Reid said in an issued statement.

“During the next few months, the Tea Party of Louisiana will be issuing a series of press releases putting these Legislators on RINO WATCH,” Reid added.

“The Tea Party of Louisiana announces Senator Sherri Cheek as our first recipient of RINO WATCH status,” said Reid.

Senator Sherri Cheek has been named a RINO by the Tea Party of Louisiana for the following:

Cheek voted to keep Stelly Tax in place and opposed its repeal (HB 689 2009 reg session)

Cheek voted to give herself free health care and benefits for life at taxpayer expense (HB 1028 2006 reg session)

Cheek voted to bust the constitutionally imposed spending cap (HCR 10 2007 reg session)

Cheek voted for millions of dollars of increased taxes on Louisiana businesses (HB 1 2004 extraordinary session)

Cheek opposed spending cuts and voted to use $2.8 Billion of non-recurring revenue to offset spending increases (HB 1 2010 reg session)

“The Tea Party movement represents a shift in the hearts and minds of Americans, who want a return to the principles of our forefathers – based on limited government, low taxes and the protection of private property,” said Reid. “Senator Cheek has shown that she has zero regard for these principles,” added Reid.

“The Tea Party of Louisiana will be actively recruiting to find a solid conservative candidate to run against Senator Cheek in the primary on October 22,” Reid concluded.

The Tea Party of Louisiana will be announcing another State Legislator for RINO WATCH in the upcoming weeks.

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