Pachyderms Hear Chris Holton

March 9, 2011

Terrorism and the Middle East was the topic Chris Holton, VP of the Center for Security Policy, presented to the packed crowd Thursday night speaking before the Pachyderm Club of Greater Baton Rouge. Recently back from giving a lecture for the Houston PD on local law enforcement and their role in curtailing terrorist attacks on the home front, Holton had the Republican group hanging on his every word throughout the two and a half hour event.

The recent events in Egypt and the current riots in Libya and other Muslim nations and how this all could affect the lives of average Americans was the primary focus of the public lecture.
Holton additionally spent a great deal of time educating the group on the Ikhwan or as it is more commonly known, the Muslim Brotherhood, whom he likened to the Nazi Party as he stated, “The Muslim Brotherhood today is the political wing of the global Jihadist insurgency. Al Qaeda, Hamas, and similar organizations are the militant wing.”

The speaker also touched on a PEW Research Poll from May 22, 2007 that showed an estimated 109,000 Muslims in America between the ages of 18 and 29 years old believe that Homicide-Bombings can be justified in some instances and that an estimated 70,000 Muslims in America from the same age group have a favorable view of Al-Qaeda.

Luke Sheldon, the group’s President, declared the event to be a huge success and invited anyone interested in attending future events to sign up for email updates at

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