Jindal Re-Elect Campaign Raises Additional $3.4 Million

February 15, 2011

Baton Rouge, LA – Today, the Bobby Jindal Campaign Committee submitted its campaign finance report to the Louisiana Ethics Administration reporting a total of $3.4 million raised for the Governor’s reelection campaign during the 2010 calendar year. Republican Party of Louisiana Chairman Roger Villere responded to the report saying:

“Just 8 months out from this year’s gubernatorial elections, Governor Jindal’s impressive fundraising demonstrates strong support for his efforts to build a better Louisiana.

“During the last three years Governor Jindal has guided our state through natural disasters, man-made disaster, and a national recession with principled and decisive leadership. He has successfully implemented
competent conservative change and reform that cultivate economic expansion and provide opportunities for our people.

“Today’s report, and especially Governor Jindal’s continued success at recruiting a large small-donor base, must come as discouraging news for any prospective challenger.”

FAST FACTS About Governor Jindal’s Campaign Finance Report:

Amount Raised For Current Election Cycle: $12.098 Million

Cash On Hand: $9.162

Amount Raised In 2010: $3.436 Million

Number Of Donors This Cycle: More Than 15,000

More Than 65% of All Money Raised This Election Cycle is From Louisiana

Contributions Received From Every Region of Louisiana

More Than 77% of Contributors Gave $100 or less in 2010

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