Tea Party of Louisiana Endorses Jonathan Perry for State Senate

February 2, 2011

(Baton Rouge) The Tea Party of Louisiana today announced its endorsement of Jonathan Perry in the upcoming special election on February 19th for State Senate in District 26 (Vermillion/Acadia/Lafayette Parishes).

“The Tea Party of Louisiana is pleased to endorse Jonathan Perry,” Tea Party of Louisiana Spokesman Bob Reid said. “Perry’s conservative voting record in the Louisiana house of representatives has been second-to-none”, Reid added. “As a legislator, Jonathan Perry has been a champion of the constitution and we are excited about him bringing the message of liberty to the state senate,” Reid said.

The Tea Party of Louisiana chose to endorse Perry because he has opposed all new taxes and fees and voted against the unpopular legislative pay raise. Perry has also been very outspoken about cutting government waste, which also makes him very appealing to thousands of tea party activists across the state of Louisiana.

“A Jonathan Perry win would give republicans a majority in the Louisiana State Senate for the first time since civil war reconstruction,” Reid added. “This is an important moment in Louisiana history and for the conservative movement as a whole,” said Reid.

Jonathan Perry, who has an advantage in the polls over his democrat challenger, would be the 20th republican senator to join the 39 seat upper chamber, giving the GOP a 20-19 majority.

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