A.G. Buddy Caldwell To Switch To GOP

February 1, 2011

(Baton Rouge) – Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell was the only Democratic State Attorney General to join the lawsuit contesting the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Now, Buddy Caldwell will be another Republican Attorney General involved in the lawsuit. As one of the listed plaintiffs, Caldwell received a favorable opinion in the suit against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, when it was ruled unconstitutional and the entire law to be scrapped. It now will be appealed by the defendants. It has been rumored that Buddy Caldwell will join the ranks of the Grand Old Party, but will make it official tomorrow.

State Treasurer John Kennedy recently switched to the Republican Party followed by Lt. Governor Scott Angelle. Caldwell’s switch gives the Republicans control of nearly every elected statewide office in Louisiana. Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu is the lone Democrat.

The Democratic Party in Louisiana has seen it’s power diminished over recent years, but since the 2010 election, other elected officials in Louisiana has switched. Walker Hines, John Alario, and Fred Mills are three who have switched. Buddy Caldwell is expected to make the switch in a press release.

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