One Louisiana Announces Bold Reforms to Save Higher Education

January 31, 2011

BATON ROUGE – Today, Louisiana Grassroots Network announces the kick-off of One Louisiana – a common sense campaign to reform Louisiana higher education.

At the top of the One Louisiana list of reforms is ridding the state of the many independent higher education system boards. A constitutional amendment consolidating Louisiana’s five boards of higher education oversight into a single and reformed Board of Regents will streamline Louisiana higher education into one effective system, save tax dollars on bloated bureaucracy and every citizen in the state will reap the benefits.

In addition, One Louisiana will advocate for increased admissions standards, growing our community and technical college systems and removing duplicity and mediocrity across the state.

A detailed list of reforms can be found by visiting

One Louisiana was established to bring an unabashedly bold perspective to the higher education debate. Unlike other groups looking out for their own best interests, One Louisiana advocates for statewide reform to the systems that have proven to be ineffective.

One Louisiana Chairman Morgan Field stated, “We need to refocus the debate to reform higher education as a state. We are all in this together as One Louisiana.”

LGN Director Jacob Luneau continued, “It is time for the people of Louisiana to say enough with the rhetoric, it is time for reform. The debate’s focus needs to shift from protecting ineffective bureaucracy to improving classroom learning. With all the rhetoric, we have lost sight of the ultimate goal of higher education – to prepare our children to achieve their dreams.”

One Louisiana was not organized to promote a particular campus or system, but to advocate achieving excellence for all of Louisiana. One Louisiana applauds Governor Bobby Jindal for starting the dialog on real reform with an initiative to merge UNO and SUNO. Additionally, we admire Treasurer John Kennedy for understanding that we don’t need to raise taxes to save higher education; we need to eliminate the bureaucracy.

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