Mills, Bishop Easily Triumph

January 22, 2011

Two more candidates will join the Louisiana Legislature this spring as Fred “T-Fred” Mills, Jr. and Wesley T. Bishop walked away with enough votes in the primary to avoid a runoff. Mills, a Republican, increases the Republican count in the La. Senate to 19 seats.

Fred Mills pulled in 60% of the vote in the 22nd senatorial race, leading Republican Simone Champagne (19%) and non affiliated David Groner (12%). Arnold Schwing (8%), Ruben Leblanc (1%), and Kenneth Squires (1%) rounded out the remaining votes.

Roland Bishop proved even more popular among his newly found constituents, pulling in 75% in the 101st Representative race. The completely Democrat race landed Roland Barthe 13% of the vote and Willie Jones pulled in 12%.

Their respective victories in the primaries means that both Mills and Bishop will take their oaths of office prior to the start of the session. According to a John Couvillon of JCMEL, turnout in the 22nd senatorial race was at 27% with 10% early voting. Both will have to run for a full term again in the fall, but according to Couvillon, things could be interesting for both Mills and Bishop this fall due to reapportionment.

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