Joint Statement from the Coalition to Protect Louisiana’s Healthcare:

December 3, 2010

A Response to Meeting with Governor Jindal and DHH Sec. Greenstein

Baton Rouge, December 3, 2010 – Yesterday’s meeting with Governor Bobby Jindal and DHH Secretary Bruce Greenstein was long overdue. The provider community remains united in creating a patient-centered healthcare model for Medicaid, with decisions being made by patients and physicians. This model would be a natural expansion of the CommunityCARE program, which has proven to show benefits for Louisiana.

Highlights of improvements to Louisiana’s healthcare as a direct result of the existing CommunityCARE program include:

The proportion of infants with 6 or more well-child visits in the first 15 months of life increased by 24.7 percent over four years.

The proportion of infants with 0, 1, or 2 well?child visits in the first 15 months of life decreased by 35.6 percent over four years.

Well?child visits for 3 to 6 year olds increased 14.3 percent over four years.

Annual dental visits increased by 31.8 percent overall over four years.

The increase in vaccination coverage for Louisiana’s infants (which moved from the rank of 44th in 2006 to 2nd in 2008) is predominately the work of CommunityCARE providers who care for over 70 percent of Louisiana’s young children.

Healthcare reform should attempt to keep Louisiana taxpayer dollars in Louisiana. We believe that Louisiana will benefit both financially and with improved health outcomes in a system that is a partnership between Louisiana and its healthcare providers.

The Coalition remains committed to working with the state during these difficult budget times to ensure that Louisiana residents continue to receive the highest quality of care.

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