Cao Speaks in Favor of Resolution to Recognize 50th Anniversary of Ruby Bridges Desegregating N.O. School

November 16, 2010

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Anh “Joseph” Cao spoke on the House floor last night in favor of H. Res. 1713, a measure recognizing and honoring Ruby Bridges for her courageous decision to attend an all-white New Orleans public school 50 years ago this year.

In 1960, Bridges, then a six-year-old girl, became the first African-American student to go to school at William Frantz Elementary. Her enrollment there was a major milestone in efforts to end racial segregation at public schools in the southern United States.

Cao said, “I was honored to meet Mrs. Bridges in my New Orleans office last October. She is truly an extraordinary woman who has dedicated her life to service. At a time when my district is still fighting to rebuild its schools and provide for a stable and safe environment for our children, I am thankful to have her as an inspiration for all in rebuilding our communities today, tomorrow, and beyond.”

The Congressman added, “I am proud to note that as we reflect on a turning point in our nation’s history, it was the bravery of one New Orleanian who helped make it happen.”

Cao concluded his remarks saying, “I urge my colleagues to support this resolution honoring the 50th anniversary of Ruby Bridges, and I yield the balance of my time.”

H. Res. 1713, authored by Congressman John Lewis (GA-05), passed the House by a vote of 376 to 0.

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