LaFonta Will Not Seek Re-Election

November 12, 2010

State Rep. Juan LaFonta (D-96) today announced that he will not seek reelection in 2011.

LaFonta, who won a special Feb. 2005 election to replace now-Sen. Ed Murray in the House, was reelected without opposition in 2007 after becoming the first freshman legislator to ever chair the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus.

Among his accomplishments in the Legislature were successfully lobbying Congress for $1.2 billion in funding for New Orleans projects and storm recovery; advocacy for recreation and economic development improvements in District 96; and ongoing efforts to advance the cause of lesbian and gay rights.

“After six years in the House of Representatives, I have decided to return to private life and expand my legal practice,” said LaFonta, a graduate of the Southern University School of Law and an attorney
in private practice since 2002.

“Moreover, I have been soundly disappointed by the incredible void of leadership from the Jindal Administration, the lack of support for local projects and improvements, and a vindictive manner of
handling lawmakers who dare to disagree with the governor.

“I will never stop being an advocate for the people of my community, but I will continue my public service at a community level while I give more attention to family and personal affairs.”

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