Baton Rouge Tea Party Opposes New Downtown Library

November 9, 2010

Baton Rouge- The Baton Rouge Tea Party took an official position in opposition to the proposed new library downtown. The vote was unanimous. The 19 million plus dollars earmarked to demolish and completely replace the down town library is viewed as fiscally irresponsible at this time. It is seen as another example of unaccountable government action. The current library has little traffic and needs remodeling which BRTP does not oppose.

That Baton Rouge Tea Party recently took action and helped defeat a tax proposal by Mayor Kip Holden. The previous tax proposal lost momentum when it was revealed that even if the tax was passed, there would still be issues with the land, leaving open the possibility that taxpayers would be paying for a project that doesn’t exist. Mayor Holden’s proposal went down in a 2-1 margin.

It is widely assumed that the Baton Rouge Tea Party will have other organizations joining their efforts as many critics have stated that the meetings on the Downtown Library have been “unprofessional” and that there is a general “group-think mentality” on the board. Members of the Baton Rouge Tea Party have stated that there are many issues that are surrounding the project and are encouraging people to get informed on the Down Town library issue.

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