Senator Landrieu Heads To Netherlands

November 8, 2010

Sen. Landrieu Leads Third CODEL To Study Dutch Coastal Restoration

In a statement released today, Senator Landrieu will go to the Netherlands to study the Dutch intergrated ater management. Her full statement is here.

Beginning today, I will lead the third Congressional Delegation to the Netherlands to study the Dutch’s integrated water management systems and coastal restoration efforts. In the wake of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, this trip will also include an oil-spill response component.*

Just as the Dutch responded to their 1953 flood with a robust, integrated water management system and substantially strengthened their flood protection infrastructure, we too must strategically and smartly design and implement coastal protection plans. The Dutch system provides a world-class blueprint of restoring coastal areas, managing water in urban areas and enhancing flood protection measures for families and businesses who call the Gulf Coast home. *

Our friendship with the Dutch was forged by water and is strengthened by our continued exchange of comprehensive solutions to not only live around the water, but live with it. Read below to see how you can follow me during my trip.*

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