LAGOP: “We Did It”

November 3, 2010

Conservatives throughout Louisiana and across our nation sent a message to Washington that the big-government agenda espoused by Barack Obama and soon to be former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is not the change voters were looking for in 2008.

Make no mistake, Democrats and their liberal allies in the media will spend the next several months looking for someone to blame, but we know the truth. This election was a referendum on Obama’s presidency and the Democrat controlled Congress. Voters are not satisfied with their failed record on jobs, their ballooning of the national deficit, or their rapid increase in the size and scope of government control. There is no one for the Democrats to blame but themselves.

While the results are still coming in from across the nation, I wanted to give you an update on the races here in Louisiana:

-Vitter Victorious-

With 100% of precincts reporting Senator Vitter defeated Charlie Melancon 57% to 38%. This substantial margin of victory means Senator Vitter will be not only the first Republican from Louisiana elected to the United States Senate but the first ever Louisiana Republican to be re-elected to Senate. Senator Vitter ran an excellent campaign and has been a great voice for conservative values in the US Senate.

-Dardenne Finishes Off Fayard-

With 100% of precincts reporting Secretary of State Dardenne defeated Caroline Fayard 57% to 43%. Despite hundreds of thousands in potentially questionable campaign donations to the Fayard campaign, she was unable to convince Louisiana voters that she was anything more than a product of the liberal Louisiana Democrat machine backed by establishment national Democrats. Dardenne will be only the third Republican Lt. Governor since 1877.

-Landry Routs Sangisetty-

Despite a lengthy and hard fought primary campaign, Congressman-elect Jeff Landry defeated Sangisetty 64% to 36% with 100 percent of precincts reporting. Landry ran an excellent campaign and will be a strong asset to our Republican Team in Washington.

-Alexander, Cassidy, Fleming and Scalise Cruise-

The final votes are in and 4 Republican incumbents are poised to rejoin Congressman Charles Boustany, who was re-elected without opposition, in the House next year. These candidates all ran strong campaigns against meager or no Democrat opposition, but their margins of victory are a testament to their strong records fighting for Louisiana in Congress.

-Not Quite In New Orleans-

Representative Joseph Cao fell short of holding his seat against Cedric Richmond. Unfortunately, this race prevented a clean sweep for the Republican Party in Louisiana but we always knew this race would be a challenge. Rep. Cao’s historic 2008 victory over the ethically challenged Bill Jefferson was the first Republican victory in the 2nd Congressional District since 1888. New Orleans lost a hard working and honest representative tonight.

-Our Republican Team-

Without a doubt, tonight was a great night for Louisiana Republicans and the Louisiana Republican Party. Essentially conceding four U.S. House races, Louisiana Democrats expressed confidence in winning the U.S. Senate race and as many as three House races just two weeks ago. Today they fell far short of those expectations. At best they will finished 1 of 4 in races they thought they were competitive but there were more than 4 federal races this year and they were successful in just 1 out of 8.

-Congratulations & Thanks-

I wish to express my congratulations to Republicans who were successful at the polls today and to say thank you to all of the volunteers for their countless hours of tireless work and dedication. For all that is said about television advertising, most campaigns come down to the hard work put in by strong candidates and the dedication of their supporters to identify and mobilize voters to get to the polls. Tonight proved again a trend we’ve seen in the last several election cycles – Louisiana is a red state, with strong conservative Republican candidates, and a movement fueled by grassroots supporters.

Tonight was a great night. A message to Washington was sent loud and clear, and Nancy Pelosi has been fired as Speaker of the House. Now the hard work begins: Fixing a broken Washington and replacing a president who has failed to deliver promised hope and brought a type change the American people did not want.

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