LAGOP: “Charlie Melancon Does Anything to Avoid his Record”

October 29, 2010

Why Won't he Answer the Tough Questions

_Baton Rouge – Charlie Melancon has dodged answering all the tough questions about his voting record of voting with President Obama more than 84% of the time. We hope that Charlie Melancon doesn’t get a free pass again to avoid answering why he puts the Obama agenda and himself ahead of Louisiana.

15 Questions to ask Charlie Melancon:
1. Both a Louisiana newspaper and the Louisiana GOP on their website have asked whether you were offered a job by the White House or another National Democrats to convince to run for the Senate. Were you offered and a job and who were the National Democrats who convinved you to run?

2. Congressional records indicate that you vote with Obama 84% of the time and Speaker Pelosi more than 90% of the time. How can you claim to be a “moderate?”

3. Why did you not vote to put Members of Congress in the health care exchange like everyone else under Obama’s health care plan?

4. You have said that as a small business owner you know what it takes to make a payroll. If that is the case why do you oppose the extension of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts that directly benefit small businesses?

5. Many of the major business associations across the country have opposed the “Card Check” legislation. You are an original coauthor of the bill and have voted for it before. Why do you support Card Check?

6. You have accused Sen. Vitter of being ineffective for the state of Louisiana. Can you name 5 pieces of legislation that you sponsored that passed in the House of Representatives?

7. You claim to be pro-life. If that is the case why do you have a 42% F rating with National Right to Life?

8. At the time the stimulus passed you said in a press release it would save or create 50 thousand jobs in Louisiana, but according to it has only saved and created 9 thousand jobs to date and Louisiana unemployment continues to rise. Are you willing to admit the stimulus has been ineffective and do you still stand by your vote?

9. You talk about fiscal restraint in Washington. Name 5 programs or votes where you voted to actually cut spending in Washington?

10. Why did you have to fly to exotic places like Hawaii and Australia to learn about global warming?

11. Do you support Affirmative Action?

12. The Iberville housing project is in the closing stages of a grant to rebuild public housing in that area. Do you believe that gang members and convicted drug dealers should be allowed in taxpayer provided public housing?

13. Did you support the appointment to the Supreme Court of Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan?

14. Why did you fail to hold a single town hall in August of 2009 when debate on the health care bill was pending in Congress?

15. Why did you vote to provide taxpayer funded benefits to illegal immigrants?

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