Louisiana Lt. Gov Switches To GOP

October 27, 2010

Says National Democrat Energy Policy sees Oil and Gas as 'Bad for America'

-Baton Rouge- Louisiana Lt. Governor Scott Angelle made an announcement that he will be leaving the Democrat party and will finish his term as a Republican. Lt. Governor Angelle expressed frustration with the national Democrat party’s energy policies and stated his appreciation to the Oil and Gas Industry for its economic value and national security value. Angelle stated that the combination “leads me, today, to be Louisiana’s newest member of the Louisiana Republican Party” to loud cheers from the audience.

GOP Chairman Roger Villere sent out a press release praising Angelle’s decision. “As Chairman of the Republican Party it is an especially great honor to welcome Scott Angelle to our movement,” said Republican Party Chairman Roger Villere. “As the Obama Administration’s policies continue to devastate Louisiana, I hope it will become more apparent to our elected officials and voters throughout the state that the Democrats’ Big-Government agenda is not the Louisiana Way.”

Scott Angelle was appointed by Governor Jindal when Mitch Landrieu stepped down to become the Mayor of New Orleans. Angelle has decided not to seek the office of Lt. Governor and the race now is between current Secretary of State Jay Dardenne and former Goldman Sachs employee Caroline Fayard.

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One Response to Louisiana Lt. Gov Switches To GOP

  1. Anne O'Brien
    October 27, 2010 at 7:03 am

    "it’s economic …" In my school, I was taught that "it's" means "it is" and that "its" is the possessive form for the pronoun "it" Who edited Mr. Angelle's statement? A grammatical error in an official statement turns me off right away.

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