Close Race in 2nd Congressional

October 26, 2010

The 2nd Congressional district race is a close race. Recent polls show that incumbent Joseph Cao trails Cedric Richmond by a narrow margin. Independent candidate Anthony Marquize may squeeze just enough votes to give President Obama a rare victory on election day by sending challenger Cedric Richmond to Washington.

Joseph Cao was the only Republican ‘Yea’ vote for the health care reform and President Obama pointed to Cao’s vote to claim ‘bipartisan support’. Despite crossing party lines to support President Obama’s cornerstone legislation, President Obama has chosen to support Cedric Richmond.

Cedric Richmond brings a lot of controversy that Republicans will surely use against President Obama after he endorsed Cedric Richmond such as having his law license suspended. It probably isn’t going to help the President when both the Democrats and Republicans see the President endorse Richmond instead of staying out of the race. This could spell even more trouble for the first term President.

Still, Richmond is expected to vote with President Obama’s agenda more often the Joseph Cao and supporters of Cao argue that a vote for Marquize is a vote for President Obama’s agenda.

Our Prediction
Cedric Richmond 48%
Joseph Cao 47%
Anthony Marquize 5%

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