New Poll: Vitter 52%, Melancon 35%

October 25, 2010

Baton Rouge – A new poll released today show Sen. David Vitter holding steady with a clear and commanding 17 point over Charlie Melancon, 52 to 35. The poll, released by Magellan Strategies, indicates that despite Melancon’s desperate attempts to remain relevant that the race is virtually unchanged since Magellan’s last survey on October 12th showed Sen. Vitter with a 51 to 35 advantage.

“Voters in Louisiana have recognized Charlie Melancon for the big-spending, big-government, Obama supporting liberal that he is,” said Republican Party of Louisiana Communications Director Aaron Baer. “Louisianians want a senator who will stand up to Obama’s schemes and they’ve clearly come to understand that Charlie Melancon is not cut out for the job.”

For months Charlie Melancon claimed that he had room to grow because few Louisianians knew him or his record but today that logic will no longer suffice. 98% of voters in the Magellan Strategies survey were familiar with Melancon and just 29% had a favorable opinion of him – while 52% had an unfavorable opinion.

“The more voters learn about Charlie Melancon’s support Obama’s big-government agenda – the less they like him,” said Baer.

_Louisiana US Senate Survey (10/25/10)_

Magellan Strategies
October 12, 2010

“Magellan Data and Mapping Strategies today released a survey of 1,347 likely Louisiana voters looking at the U.S. Senate race between incumbent Senator David Vitter and Congressman Charlie Melancon. The interviews were conducted Sunday, October 24th. Among all voters, Senator Vitter maintains a 17 point lead over Congressman Charlie Melancon, 52% to 35%. David Vitter leads among white voters by 43 points (66% Vitter/23% Melancon), among Republican voters by 80 points (86% Vitter/6% Melancon) and among independent voters by 13 points (47% Vitter/34% Melancon). Charlie Melancon leads among African-American voters by 57 points (69% Melancon/12% Vitter) and among Democrat voters by 17 points (51% Melancon/34% Vitter).”
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