Charlie Melancon’s ‘A’ For Obama

October 22, 2010

Inside Louisiana News has taken some criticism that we have simply used Senator Vitter’s talking points in referring to Representative Charlie Melancon giving Senator Vitter an “A”. The morning of January 19th, 2010 at 6:43 A.M., Representative Charlie Melancon made an appearance on WWL-TV and at 6:46 A.M., this exchange took place.

WWL: “President Obama, a year in office now. How do you rate the President?”
Charlie Melancon: Well for effort, I’d give him an ‘A’. For trying to being able to get everything done that he wants to get done and get it done in a manner, I give the congress the lower grade. His efforts were reach out in the beginning and say ‘come work with me, this is about America’. And that’s one of the frustrations that I have, it’s one of the reasons I’m running for the U.S. Senate. It’s about working across party lines, it’s about legislating, (interrupted)

Charlie Melancon did indeed give President Obama an ‘A’ for his effort in his first year and did not criticize the President in those comments when answering what he would grade President Obama. It’s not “Another lie by Senator Vitter”, it is indeed a fact. It was not an ‘A’ for appearance, or on knowledge, or manicures, the ‘A’ was about President Obama’s first year as evidenced in the video above. We could have noted that Representative Charlie Melancon did not hold a town hall meeting during the health care debate, we did not. We could have noted that Melancon stated that the oil spill was being ‘overplayed’, but we did not. We could have listed many other things but simply kept the missteps limited.

The next criticism we’d like to address and that is why we didn’t run news items given to use concerning issues concerning a staffer of Senator Vitter. We felt that this issue should have been addressed at the time that it occurred and not during the time of an election. If we participated in dragging a Vitter staffer into the public eye of the campaign for his wrong doings, then would we be comfortable doing them same to Melancon staffers who committed somewhat lighter offenses? Should other news organizations start delving into the personal history of all staff members of office holders? This issue simply was crossing the lines of political discourse that could have the much deeper impact than this Senate race.

The third issue is Governor Jindal or President Obama campaigning. We do understand the politics of Louisiana and we understand that President Obama campaigning for Melancon may not be the best of ideas. However, we have seen numerous poll numbers and not one single poll that we have seen shows Melancon with a lead. It seems to us that it’s Charlie Melancon that needs President Obama’s help, not Senator Vitter that needs Governor Jindal’s endorsement. We were simply addressing why we didn’t run stories that Governor Jindal has not endorsed Senator Vitter yet.

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