James Carville Claim: “Melancon Down By 3 Points”

October 22, 2010

I just saw the latest polling from Charlie’s campaign, and it’s gonna knock your socks off.

Charlie is closing fast on David Vitter and is now just 3 points back, well inside the margin of error.

This race is effectively tied.

But with only 11 days to go, we can’t rest for a moment. We need to help Charlie win this race.

Contribute $5 or more to Charlie’s campaign right now — help him pull in front of David Vitter.

Since the day he got into this race, I’ve been screaming from the rooftops that Charlie Melancon can beat David Vitter.

Charlie lives and breathes Louisiana. He’s been on the right side of the issues every time, while Vitter has been downright hostile to women, veterans, and just about anyone else who doesn’t bankroll his campaigns.

All Charlie needed was a little bit of help to get his message out, and over the past few weeks that’s exactly what’s been happening.

In just one week, Charlie made up 4 points in the polls — if we can do that just one more time, we win. Contribute now and help him keep it up:

I know I don’t need to remind you how big this race is. David Vitter has shown that he’s not interested in playing by the same rules as the rest of us, and it’s high time we showed him the door.

That’s why Charlie’s been taking the fight to David Vitter and keeping him on the defensive for his rotten votes and dubious actions.

This race is ours for the taking, but we don’t have much time. We need to help Charlie keep his ads on the air for these crucial final days of the race.

Help Charlie finish this race strong — contribute $5 or more to his campaign right now:


Just think of how satisfying it will be to watch David Vitter give a concession speech. Your contribution right now will help make that happen.

Thanks for supporting Charlie.

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One Response to James Carville Claim: “Melancon Down By 3 Points”

  1. GeauxVote
    November 3, 2010 at 6:55 am

    After watching Charlie's concession speech – The better man won re-election not the bitter man.

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