LAGOP: “Ravi vs. Ravi’s Wallet”

October 19, 2010

Sangisetty Supports Tax & Spend Liberal Democrats

Baton Rouge – Despite Ravi Sangisetty’s painful attempts to paint himself as a different kind of a Democrat, his past work for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and financial support of Senator Barbara Boxer demonstrate he’s just another liberal D.C. Democrat.

“In spite of Ravi Sangisetty’s conservative rhetoric his record of financial support for liberal Democrats paints the picture of another D.C. Democrat who will advance Barack Obama’s big-government agenda,” said Republican Party of Louisiana Communications Director Aaron Baer. “Sangisetty’s decision to aid liberal candidates like Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer, who have consistently fought for higher spending and higher taxes demonstrates the utter hypocrisy of his campaign. Sangisetty may say he supports fiscal responsibility, but his work to elect and re-elect liberal Democrats with zero respect for the people’s hard earned money suggest otherwise.”

Just The Facts:

Ravi Sangisetty Calls Himself A “Conservative.” “Ravi Sangisetty is a pro-life, pro-gun conservative Democrat.” (, Accessed 10/1/10)

But Sangisetty Supported Liberals Like Hillary Clinton & Barbara Boxer:

Ravi Sangisetty Contributed $4,600 To Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign. (Donor Lookup,, Accessed 10/1/10)

* “[Sangisetty] Worked For Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign All Around The State In 2008.” (Jeremy Alford, “Lone Democrat draws fire from the GOP,” The Thibodaux Daily Comet, 8/25/10)

Sangisetty Contributed $1,000 To Barbara Boxer’s California Senate Campaign In 2009. (Donor Lookup,, Accessed 10/1/10)

Senator Boxer & Fmr. Senator Clinton Are Tax & Spend Liberals:

Sen. Boxer Voted For The “Stimulus” And Obama’s Budget. (H.R. 1, CQ Vote #64: Adopted (thus cleared for the president) 60-38: R 3-38; D 55-0; I 2-0, 2/13/09, Boxer Voted Yea; H.R. 1, CQ Vote #61: Passed 61-37: R 3-37; D 56-0; I 2-0, 2/13/09, Boxer Voted Yea; S. Con. Res. 13, CQ Vote #154: Adopted 55-43: R 0-41; D 53-2; I 2-0, 4/2/09, Boxer Voted Yea)

Sen. Barbara Boxer & Fmr. Sen. Hillary Clinton Voted In Favor Of The FY 2008 Budget Resolution Which Included The Largest Tax Increase In U.S. History. (S. Con. Res. 21, CQ Vote #172: Adopted 52-40: R 2 – 40; D 48 – 0; I 2 – 0, 5/17/07; Boxer & Clinton Voted Yea; S. Con. Res. 21, CQ Vote #109: Adopted: 52-47: R 2-47; D 48-0; I 2-0, 3/23/07; Boxer & Clinton Voted Yea)

* Americans For Tax Reform: “This budget provides for the largest tax increase in American history, drastically increases spending, and if enacted will slow economic growth.” (ATR Urges Senators To Vote Against The Proposed Fiscal Year 2008 Budget, S. Con. Resolution 21,” Americans for Tax Reform, March 21, 2007)

Sen. Boxer & Fmr. Sen. Clinton, Voted Against An Accelerated Repeal Of The Death Tax In 2003 And Against Permanent Repeal In 2006. (S Con Res 23, CQ Vote #62. Adopted 51-48; R: 47-4; D: 4-43; I: 0-1 – 3/20/30, Boxer & Voted No; HR 8, CQ Vote #164. Motion rejected 57-41; R: 53-2; D: 4-38; I: 0-1 – 6/8/06; Boxer & Clinton Voted No)

Sen. Boxer & Fmr. Sen. Clinton Have Received Poor Lifetime Ratings By The Citizens Against Government Waste. Senator Boxer has a lifetime ranking of 11% and Hillary Clinton had a lifetime ranking of 9% at the end of her Senate tenure. (Citizens against Government Waste Website,, Accessed 10/1/10; Project Vote Smart,, Accessed 10/1/10)

Sen. Boxer Has Received The Grade Of “F” From The National Taxpayers Union Every Year She Was In The Senate, And Ranked As Low As 99th. (National Taxpayers Union website,, 10/1/10)

Fmr. Sen. Clinton Received The Grade Of “F” From The National Taxpayers Union Every Year She Was In The Senate, And Ranked As Low As 100th. (National Taxpayers Union website,, 10/1/10)

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