Statement By State Representative Juan LaFonta

October 13, 2010

State Representative Juan LaFonta (Democrat) finished second in the Democratic Primary. He endorses Congressman Joseph Cao for re-election.

“I am a lifelong resident of New Orleans and a lifelong Democrat.

“In this city there have been too many political games played on the people. Katrina, FEMA, the Road ‘Home-less’, the oil spill…all of the recoveries…

“I remember the first time I showed up on Capitol Hill a week after Katrina and the Democratic National Party told me that recovery and the issues we faced were local issues, issues that they do not get involved with. I said, ‘Well what in the hell do you exactly get involved in?’

“I remember walking into state offices and gettingthe same response. I am constantly reminded of the times I, like my constituents, needed help and was handed some red tape. I am tired of thegames. People are hurting here! That is no slogan…it is a reality.

“It is a reality that this city cannot any longer bejust a pipeline for politics and cronyism. This city is full of people who arestill waiting to be made whole.

“This is not about a national game, a republican anddemocratic game. This is about our responsibility to have a local leader wetrust will represent our interests, not some political agenda; a local leader who is honest, who we can trust to continue carrying the fight to Washington for the full recovery of the whole city…not a person who sits by as his own district remains the poster child for recovery…a representative district that is gripped by disrepair and diminution in funding and is waiting on their piece of the pie.

“For years this city has suffered because we have forgotten the fight that helped us to progress in this city. We have forgottento hold politicians’ feet to the fire by voting them out of office when they don’t do their job. We should not be promoting politicians when they do one of the worst jobs in the legislature, when they have failed so many…we should not promote the people who failed us.

“When we do that, then it is our fault.

“Our priorities need to be focused on a future thatwe can we be proud of, that we fashioned for our children not one carved out for us by some politicos.

“I was elected to help this community. I stand against corruption because it is at the very root of our recovery problem.

“I was elected to serve people and stand againstthose who use their public offices to serve themselves while the rest of us struggle to rebuild our lives.

“And most importantly, I was elected to represent a portion of this congressional district with honor and integrity, and to speakout when I knew dishonesty and corruption threatened to undermine what we have worked so hard to achieve.

“I must speak out now.

“So who will have the courage to step forward and demand answers?

“I will. And as the truth comes to light, I hope others will join me. As the saying goes, I will stand for truth, no matter who tells it. I will stand for justice no matter who is against it.

“I can only hope that you will do the same. That is why I am joining Democrats for Cao and endorsing the right choice…there-election of a honest, hard-working man who has brought more than $1 billion to this district in just two years of service.

“Congressman Cao, I proudly endorse you and askothers in this district to do the same.”

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