New Poll: Vitter 51%, Melancon 35%

October 12, 2010

LAGOP: "Melancon Ad Not Fooling Anyone – He Votes With Obama 84% Of The Time"

A new poll released today shows Sen. David Vitter with a commanding 16 point lead over Charlie Melancon, 51 to 35. The poll released by Magellan Strategies also points out that the economy, jobs, national debt and government spending are the top concerns of Louisiana voters.

“Louisianians are fed up with the endless bailouts, and the big-spending, big-government agenda – and that’s why they are supporting Senator Vitter,” said Republican Party of Louisiana Communications Director Aaron Baer. “Charlie Melancon’s dismal record on economic issues and government spending may not be worse than Obama’s, but it’s exactly the same.”

Additionally, if you’ve seen Melancon’s newest TV ad you’d think he’s trying to run away from President Obama. But don’t be fooled, Melancon votes with Obama 84% of the time.

“Melancon supported President Obama’s liberal agenda 84% of the time and he can’t hide from that record,” said Baer. “On issue after issue Melancon votes with Obama. Together they’ve bailed out Wall Street, passed a failed ‘stimulus’ package riddled with waste, and approved a budget that triples our national debt. Melancon’s latest political ad isn’t fooling anyone – he’s Obama’s biggest fan.”

In addition to voting with President Obama 84 percent of the time, Melancon endorsed Obama for President and when asked to grade the President’s job performance, he gave Obama an A.

Louisiana US Senate Survey – Vitter 51%, Melancon 35%

Magellan Strategies
October 12, 2010

“Today Magellan Data and Mapping Strategies released a survey of 1,107 likely Louisiana general election voters looking at the U.S. Senate race between incumbent Senator David Vitter and Congressman Charlie Melancon. Among all voters, Senator Vitter maintains a 16 point lead over Congressman Charlie Melancon, 51% to 35%. Sen. Vitter leads among white voters by 43 points (65% Vitter/23% Melancon), among Republican voters by 80 points (86% Vitter/6% Melancon) and among Independent voters by 26 points (50% Vitter/24% Melancon). Charlie Melancon leads among African-American voters by 58 points (71% Melancon/12% Vitter) and among Democrat voters by 21 points (54% Melancon/33% Vitter).”

Click Here For The Full Results Of The Magellan Strategies Survey

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