Vitter Launches New Ad: “Melancon Welcomes Illegal Immigrants”

October 8, 2010

I launched a new TV ad highlighting Charlie Melancon’s record of voting to make it easier for illegal immigrants to get taxpayer-funded benefits and welfare. Melancon even voted against allowing police to arrest illegal immigrants.

Thanks to Washington liberals like Charlie Melancon, we might as well put out a welcome sign at our borders. Watch Welcome Prize Here

I believe in a legal immigration process for those who want to pursue the American dream. But Charlie Melancon’s votes making it easy for illegals to get taxpayer-funded benefits, highlighted in the ad, are offensive to me and many, many Louisianians.

I also strongly support Arizona’s new law that gets tough on illegal immigration. As the chairman and founder of the U.S. Senate Border Security and Enforcement First Caucus, I’ll continue to fight hard against any use of your tax dollars for welfare for illegals.

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One Response to Vitter Launches New Ad: “Melancon Welcomes Illegal Immigrants”

  1. Gordon landry
    October 10, 2010 at 9:07 pm

    Mr. Vitter please give the bill number you claim in your ad that Melancon voted for

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