Melancon: “We’re Different”

October 6, 2010

This morning, we released a new TV ad that holds David Vitter accountable for his outrageous BP bailout bill. Click below to watch it right now:

As you may recall, David Vitter’s first action after the BP oil spill began last May was to introduce a bailout bill that would potentially cap BP’s liability at just $150 million — for a spill that most experts estimate will ultimately cause more than $30 billion in damages.

While David Vitter was trying to bail out BP, Charlie was fighting for Louisiana. That’s a major difference in this race, which is why we’re going on the air to make sure Louisiana voters are reminded of Vitter’s true priorities.

After you’ve watched the ad, please forward this email to five friends so that they can watch our new ad, too!

Thanks for your support,

Bradley Beychok
Campaign Manager
Charlie Melancon for Senate

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