Sangisetty Offers Alternative to Dirty Politics

October 3, 2010

“This election is about the people.” We need real leadership in Congress

HOUMA, La. — Ravi Sangisetty, Democratic nominee for Congress in Louisiana’s Third District, said he spent the last year talking to the voters of the 3rd District about what matters to them, and now he offers an alternative to dirty politics.

“This election is about the people,” Sangisetty said. “I’ve listened to their concerns about holding BP accountable, ending corporate bailouts and caring for our veterans. I look forward to another month of addressing what matters to the people of this district.”

Sangisetty for Congress Campaign Manager Julienne Uhlich said the people are tired of mudslinging and dirty politics as usual.

“The people of this district just endured yet another month of mudslinging from Jeff Landry,” Uhlich said. “Dirty politics are the hallmark of a Landry campaign. The issues are too important and the stakes too high.”

Uhlich said we need real leadership in Congress to fight for those affected by BP’s oil spill.

“Over the next decade we need to make sure that BP’s feet are held to the fire until this coast and this district are made whole,” Uhlich said. “Jeff Landry says lifting the liability cap is a “threat.” He believes companies should have a limit on the damages for which they are responsible. That means taxpayer dollars going toward cleaning up the mess of a reckless company. It’s outrageous.”

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