Not Voodoo, Just Science

October 3, 2010

ZACHARY, LA.—On Sept. 13, 2010 Connect Call USA, LLC. Completed an automated poll of the citizens of Zachary. The following data was recorded Henry Martinez 33%, David Amrhien 15%, Steve Nunnery 13% and undecided 39%. Based upon the number of respondents there was a 4% margin of error. With only 20 days to the election the candidates had to sway the undecided vote in their direction. Open forums, mail outs and television were used. On election night Martinez received less than 15% of the undecided vote totaling 37%, Amrhien was the top vote getter with 38% and Nunnery was at 25%.

Amrhien and Nunnery had swayed the majority of the undecided voters. Looking at party affiliations it would appear that Amrhien a registered independent received the independent and democrat vote while Martinez and Nunnery both republicans received the republican and some conservative democrats. Historically republicans do not crossover and vote for candidates in other parties unless given a very strong reason to. As you can see Inside Louisiana News did not use Voodoo but relied on the scientific data supplied by Connect Call USA, LLC. In reporting our story on the Zachary Mayor’s race. This time the election results say 62 % of the citizens of Zachary do not want the current Mayor Henry Martinez re-elected. Allowing the original 4% margin of error this is in line with Connect Call USAs scientific data. The question is will republicans cross over?

Inside Louisiana News does not endorse political candidates, but we do report the truth and sometimes the truth hurts.

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