Landry Delivers Knock Out Blow, Faces Ravi Sangisetty

October 2, 2010

Fayard Sachs Kershaw, Faces Dardenne in Runoff

Jeff Landry wasted little time in putting Hunt Downer away in the 3rd Congressional to face Ravi Sangisetty. Landry pulled in over 19,000 votes to Downer’s 10,000 and with just 31 days left of campaigning may be the latest Republican beneficiary of voters revenge. However, Sangisetty is a relative unknown and despite giving praise to Charlie Melancon is attempting to run on a “conservative Democrat” platform.

The big story tonight in the Lt. Governor’s race is former Goldman Sachs employee Caroline Fayard who made it into the runoff against Secretary of State Jay Dardenne. Even though Goldman Sachs is often cited as one of the Wall Street companies that “got us into this mess”, Fayard doesn’t run from her employment with Goldman Sachs and even notes it on her website. Both Fayard and Dardenne led all candidates in fund raising.

In his second bid to become Lt. Governor, Kershaw came in third. Kershaw kicked off his campaign on earlier this week called the Hayride and stated that he was not interested in becoming Governor. Kershaw also vowed that if Jindal ran for President or otherwise left the Governor’s office, that Kershaw would only be governor long enough for a special election to be held.

Perhaps the surprise of the night 4th place finisher James “Jim” Crowley with 8%. Kevin Davis (7%) edge over LAGOP chairman Roger Villere (7%) by 5,000 votes. Butch Gautreaux gathered 4% and Melanie McKnight finished last with 3%.

State Legislature
Cynthia Willard Lewis crushed her competition to win 2nd Senatorial seat from Orleans Parish while Alan Seabaugh will be the 5th District Representative.

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