BRTP Discusses Candidates, Taxes.

October 2, 2010

Members of the Baton Rouge Tea Party discuss the ballot ahead of Saturday's election

Baton Rouge’s largest “Tea Party” group met Thursday night to review and discuss candidates and other issues ahead of Saturday’s election. BRTP President Josh Jarreau told us that the Baton Rouge Tea Party has not “officially endorsed anyone” and that the members had a lot of varying views on the different candidates. Though many members did express a personal view for various candidate, the discussion remained a very open and respectful of differing viewpoints.

Jarreau also noted that many of the candidates have filled out a questionnaire and that the Baton Rouge Tea Party rated those candidates.
Recently a Tea Party debate was held in Baton Rouge and Mr. Jarreau also noted that Jay Dardenne, Roger Villere attended while Sammy Kershaw recorded his answer in advance on video.

While other Tea Parties are bickering within the state, the Baton Rouge Tea Party didn’t seem to be concerned with it. It was only after asked about the controversy involving The Tea Party of Louisiana and the various other Tea Parties that Mr. Jarreau said, “All you can do as a Tea Party Leader is control what goes on in your Tea Party. You can’t tell other Tea Parties how to run their organizations and the more sniping or infighting that occurs, all that does is hurt the entire Tea Party movement”.

Thursday night’s meeting marked a new era for the Baton Rouge Tea Party when Josh Jarreau presided over his first meeting as BRTP President. Most of the night was taken up with discussing the election. Members thoroughly discussed ballot initiatives in order to have a clear understanding and left their members to make their own decisions.

The Lt. Governor’s race discussion was more of a very respectful and sincere debate in which candidates Villere, Dardenne, and Kershaw had support throughout the audience. As if to reiterate the point that the Baton Rouge Tea Party didn’t endorse any candidate in the Lt. Governor’s race, the pleasant discussion helped some members make a final decision, despite not having any clear favorites within the group.

One thing is certain, the Baton Rouge Tea Party will be an informed group who shows up to vote on Saturday.
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