Louisiana Tea Party Federation: “No, We Don’t”

October 1, 2010

The following statement was issued by the Louisiana Tea Party Federation

It has come to the attention of the Council that Roger Villere, candidate for Lt. Governor of Louisiana, has been making robo-calls to a number of our members implying that he has been endorsed by the “Tea Party”.

We want to make it clear to our members, Mr. Villere, the Republican Party and especially the Tea Party of Louisiana that the Louisiana Tea Party Federation DOES NOT endorse Mr. Villere or any candidate for political office.

The Federation is made up of around 20 Tea Party type groups around the state that all share common core principals, one being that we do not endorse candidates. The Federation recently released a press release concerning Mr. Villere and his questionable relationship with the Tea Party of Louisiana and its founder, Christopher Comeaux. To learn more about the Federation and to read our press release, please visit www.louisianateaparty.net.

Who Is Tea Party of Louisiana? (TPoL)

Despite its name, the Tea Party of Louisiana is a local Tea Party group and unlike LTPF, is NOT a “state level” group made up of representatives of individual Tea Parties from across Louisiana. Based out of Denham Springs, LA, TPoL was founded by Christopher Comeaux. Mr. Comeaux and TPoL have refused to change their name to something that would not mislead the citizens of Louisiana to believe they speak for all Tea Parties.

Who is Christopher Comeaux?

Mr. Comeaux tried to bully and intimidate several Tea Party leaders from across the state including our first President of the Southwest Louisiana Tea Party, Heather Johnson, to join under the umbrella of TPoL with Mr. Comeaux as the leader. For the good of the entire Tea Party movement in Louisiana, the SWLATP chose to ignore TPoL and not make this information public knowledge. Similar stories come from other tea party leaders in the state but they all agreed to stay quiet so as not to show disunity in the movement. That all changed when TPoL began endorsing candidates.

Who Is Roger Villere?

Roger Villere is State Republican Party Chairman. Mr. Villere has remained in his leadership position in lieu of stepping down while running for office. The Officers and Board would like for Mr. Villere to produce receipts that they purchased voter registration information to ensure that he didn’t use his position as party chairman to gain access to the membership list of registered Republicans.

Why Does It Matter?

Roger Villere’s campaign paid Chris Comeaux’s “Eaux Films” a total of $7,000(1) for “production costs”. We believe these payment raises serious ethical and conflict of interest questions because Mr. Comeaux leadership position on the board of TPoL and includes Mr. Villere who received that endorsement (2). Mr. Villere is a business owner and in our opinion, should have know that his endorsement deal would raise ethical and conflict of interest questions.

In closing, we encourage our members to do your their own research in any and all elections. But most importantly, please vote in this Saturday’s election and take into consideration all information that you have educated yourself with, before you pull that lever.

The Louisiana Tea Party Federation was formed at a meeting in Lafayette, Louisiana, by the majority of tea party leaders across the state on April 25, 2009. It is a coalition of leaders with a “Council” which consists of the leaders of each individual tea party member group. This organization exists to educate tea party leaders and their members. We are in constant communication in order to provide a unified effort to bring our conservative values back to Washington DC and our state. The website may be found here: http://www.louisianateaparty.net.

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