Downer Camp: “Landry New Poll a Fake to Deflect From Devastating Statements by Kristian Magar “

September 30, 2010

Hunt Downer’s campaign issued the following statement.

SOUTH LOUISIANA – One day after Kristian Magar, former candidate in the Republican Primary for the Third Congressional District of Louisiana, released a statement on his Facebook page that he was not voting for Jeff Landry and provided 10 reasons that included threats and intimidation made by Landry, Jeff Landry sunk to a new low in an attempt to deflect the voters’ attention by having a so-called “independent” poll run the next day by “ElectPoll”, a company created on the day the poll was run. Landry released the poll the evening after Landry’s hometown newspaper reported Magar’s statement in an interview in which Magar said that Landry “doesn’t have the kind of character that I want representing me and my family”.

As the attached website registration document shows, ElectPoll did not exist until September 27, 2010, the day the fake “poll” ran. Also attached is a printout of ElectPoll’s website indicating that their website will not even be operational until October 3rd,, conveniently the day after the election. Most revealing is that a Google search shows that ElectPoll has not polled any other races and was not mentioned prior to the release of the fake poll this week. The released information does not reveal any percentage of undecided or “leaning”, and therefore, its veracity can be questioned on that alone.

This development follows on the heels of documents released by the Downer campaign on the website showing that Landry paid nearly $40,000 to his own business out of his campaign fund and hired the founder and lead organizer of a Baton Rouge TEA Party organization 12 days prior to receiving its endorsement.

For a Link to Magar’s facebook page statement, click here

For a Link to the Daily Iberian story on September 29, 2010, click here.

“Kristian Magar’s statements about the conduct and character of Jeff Landry are devastating to Landry’s campaign. Magar is the truly independent one, not this fake poll. Mr. Landry’s disgraceful attempts to deceive the voters from his unethical behavior are pitiful. Voters should be aware that if Jeff Landry will lie to them and did what Kristian said, he is not the person that should represent them,” said Buddy Boe, Downer campaign spokesman.

The Downer campaign launched the website to clearly lay out the exhaustive list of things that Jeff Landry has lied to the public about. Downer’s campaign has been updating the site every day with an instance of Landry being dishonest to voters previously during the campaign.

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