Melancon: “Time is running out”

September 30, 2010

Today is the day. At midnight tonight, we close the books on our latest fundraising quarter — and prepare to file our final quarterly report of the campaign.

This is our last chance to make a big statement about the strength of our campaign before we start the final sprint to Election Day — and the press, the pundits, and our opponents are all watching.

Please contribute $5 to our Louisiana First Fund — and help us reach our grassroots goal before tonight’s midnight deadline:

There is just so much at stake in this election.

David Vitter doesn’t believe that women should get equal pay for equal work. I do.

David Vitter wants to hold middle-class tax cuts hostage to giveaways that will only benefit the richest 1% of Louisianians. I don’t.

And David Vitter thinks he can continue playing by different rules than everyone else. I think it’s time we expected more from our Senator.

Contribute $5 right now — and help us beat the midnight deadline:

There are only 33 days left until Election Day — and we need to make every single one of them count.

That’s why we need to make sure we have as many resources as possible to reach out to Louisiana voters during the home stretch.

There’s never been a more crucial time to make a contribution to our campaign. Join with the thousands of supporters who have already chipped in to help us beat David Vitter this fall.

Contribute $5 to our campaign before the midnight deadline — help us reach our grassroots fundraising goal:

Thanks for being such an important part of our team.

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One Response to Melancon: “Time is running out”

  1. ROAR!
    October 1, 2010 at 2:46 pm

    This is the most pathetic call to action in a Senate campaign I have ever seen. It is as pathetic as the candidate himself, whose response to the oil spill was to start crying. Yeah, that's who I want representing me in the United States Senate.

    2 points: First, on November 2, I'm not going to walk to the poll. I'm going to run, and I'm going to vote to re-elect David Vitter as fast as I can. Second, I'd like to invite "small-business" owner Charlie Melancon back to Donaldsonville to continue scooping ice cream at his Baskin-Robbins franchise like he did before he was elected to Congress.

    Note to Charlie: Have a nice life! See ya!

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