Ralph Johnson EBR School Board Dist. 5 Interview

September 30, 2010

We caught up with Ralph Johnson (D) who is a candidate for District 5 School board in East Baton Rouge Parish. Ralph was kind enough to give us five minutes of his time to answer a couple of questions for us. Here are the questions and his response.

Inside Louisiana News: Ralph, what do you hope to accomplish as a school board member?
Ralph Johnson: As a school board member I think that we need to absolutely change the status quo of what’s going on in our school system right now. Our school system is stagnant. We’re not doing the things we need to do, we’re not being innovative. We’re using the same techniques that we used thirty years ago to educate our children. Quite frankly, we need to make some changes in our school system so that we can push forward and make sure that our students are ready to compete on a global level.

ILN: Ralph, what makes you qualified to be a school board member?
RJ: Specifically, I am the only candidate in my race that has been in the education area. I’ve worked for the United Nations Association’s global classrooms program, in their education department for 7 years. I worked my way up Administrative Assistant to Deputy Secretary General where my job was to train the staff, write the rules, write the background guides that teach children about international affairs.

ILN: What do you see one of the biggest problems with our school district right now?
RJ: I think one of the biggest problems we have right is that we’re too focused on contracts and things like that. We’re not focused on education and we’re not focused on driving student achievement. So as a school board member, my hope is to refocus our efforts and put our priorities where our priorities should be.

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