Statewide Tea Party Group Distances Itself from Lt. Governor Candidate Roger Villere

September 29, 2010

Baton Rouge, LA – Several dozen Tea Party groups in Louisiana were recently inundated by concerned members in their ranks regarding news that broke this weekend indicating that Lt Governor Candidate and Louisiana chairman for the state Republican Party, Roger Villere, along with filmmaker Chris Comeaux, originator of the Tea Party of Louisiana, have teamed up to start 200 new Tea Party groups across the state.
Anyone is free to start a tea party, but for the most part the movement has managed to remain unaffiliated with any political party. Its members say that it must remain so to continue to be successful.

The chairman of the state Republican Party, teaming up with a film maker to start tea parties is another example of how many believe Villere, Comeaux and other GOP political candidates are trying to infiltrate the tea party movement in Louisiana for their own benefit. “We know citizens will not be fooled by these tactics,” as stated by certain local and state tea party members.

The Louisiana Tea Party Federation, (LTPF), is a coalition of individual and independent tea party member groups and organizations. The LTPF has had a huge impact on the state by providing inter-tea party communications that allows the separate groups to work together to find citizen based solutions to governmental problems of statewide concern.

It is the philosophy of the Federation that all American citizens are capable of thinking for themselves and making the responsible choices necessary to maintain our Republic. Therefore the federation has agreed that they will not endorse candidates. The federation chooses instead to inform, educate, mobilize and energize the citizens of Louisiana.

According to a Louisiana Tea Party Federation member, Rob Gaudet, “Once it came to our attention that a statewide political candidate, Roger Villere, with the assistance of Chris Comeaux, was attempting to organize new tea party groups within Louisiana, we felt compelled to let the public and media know that the Louisiana Tea Party Federation is not affiliated with nor does it endorse the Tea Party of Louisiana, Chris Comeaux or any attempt by the GOP to create tea parties for its own benefit.”

Gaudet continues, “We continue to uphold the basic values and ideals of the grassroots tea party movement that has swept across the country, those principals are constitutionally limited government, free markets and low taxes. To achieve these principals we will continue to monitor and hold accountable all elected officials. Louisianans should know that Mr. Villere is a candidate and a political insider with deep party ties and should he become elected, he would be one of the officials we will be monitoring. So the question to answer is this; are he and others positioning themselves to envelop the tea party name for the GOP? If so, why?”

The Louisiana Tea Party Federation is a loosely organized group representing 15-20 tea party groups across the state with thousands of active members. The national Tea Party movement began in early 2009 when an on air editor at CNBC called for a tea party protest in Chicago to oppose the government bailouts and out of control government spending. Grassroots activists and citizens responded. Today, there are over 2800 tea party groups in all 50 states. The LTPF website can be found at

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