New LA-3 Congressional District Poll

September 29, 2010

LA-3 Congressional District Republican Primary Runoff

Conducted 9/27-9/28/2010

537 Likely Voters

Released 9/29/2010

If the October 2nd Republican primary runoff election were held today between Jeff Landry and Hunt Downer, who would you vote for?
Hunt Downer 183/34.08%
Jeff Landry 354/65.92%
Margin of Error +/- 4.21%

This poll was not commissioned by any candidate or political committee.
This congressional district-wide poll was conducted from September 27th-28th using automated telephone surveys. The margin of error is +/- 4.21% at a 95% Confidence Level. Voters were registered Republicans who had voted in two of the last three primary elections (not including 2010). The universe of such voters was randomly sampled and then voters in the resulting sample were polled over two days. These voters were sent an automated telephone survey which asked the above listed question. The order of the candidates names alternated.

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