Lt. Governor’s Race Draws National Attention

September 28, 2010

Tea Party of Louisiana Members listen intently to Congresswoman Bachman

Though candidates struggle to raise cash and many voters unaware that there is a race to replace temp Lt. Governor Angelle, national leaders weighed in on the Lt. Governor’s race as former President Bill Clinton and Congresswoman Michelle Bachman endorsed candidates.

Metairie businessman and Louisiana GOP chairman Roger Villere pulled in Congresswoman Michelle Bachman’s endorsement. Congresswoman Bachman often cites that she’s Nancy Pelosi’s biggest target this election cycle and told listeners that Villere formed a Tea Party movement long before there was a Tea Party. Bachman also noted that this election could see a turn out as low as 20% and pointed out that voters will have 5 times the voting power this time. Villere had over 100 meetings around the state during the conference call.

Former Goldman Sach’s employee Caroline Fayard also swung a heavy bat recently, taking a trip to New York City where President Bill Clinton hosted a fund raiser for her. While Butch Gautreaux may have been the early Democrat favorite, Fayard’s fund raising abilities made her a force to be reckoned with. President Clinton’s endorsement could make her the favorite in the Democrat party.

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