Magar Doesn’t Endorse, But Will Vote For Hunt Downer

September 28, 2010

We learned that former congressional candidate Kristian Magar still hasn’t openly endorsed in the 3rd congressional, but he has made up his mind. On his Facebook page, Kristian Magar gave ten reasons why he is voting Hunt Downer. He released this note on his Facebook fan page on Sunday. Here are Magar’s 10 reasons why he will be voting for Hunt Downer.

1. Was honest even when we disagreed on some issues.

2. Did not have one of their regional directors stealing my yard signs.

3. Did not have campaign staff members record and plagiarize my speeches.

4. Respected my position and did not have people constantly calling me and trying to pester me into giving them an endorsement.

5. Did not call me after a meeting in Jefferson Parish to tell me that things were about to “Get tough on my family.”

6. Did not have a campaign staffer lie to a Republican Parish Executive Committee and a Tea Party about me.

7. Did not have their friend/supporter post lies and half-truths about my voting record on their blog, even after I offered them evidence to the contrary.

8. Did not call and try to harass any of my supporters demanding to know why they had a Kristian Magar sign in their yard.

9. Did not have mutual “friends” call me up early in the campaign to try and intimidate, and later, entice me to get me out of the race.

10. Did not have someone call me well after the campaign was over and lead me to believe that actions would be taken which could disrupt a family member’s public endeavor.

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