Lilly Ledbetter Proudly Stands With Obama, Melancon

September 28, 2010

On January 29, 2009, I stood proudly beside the President as he signed his first bill — the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act — into law.

Its passage represented the culmination of a decades-long struggle that I — and countless other women — faced to end pay discrimination between men and women.

For nearly 20 years, my employer had systematically paid me less than my male colleagues — and this landmark legislation makes sure that no other woman will be put in the same situation.

People around the country hailed the bill’s enactment as a major victory for equal rights, but one person in particular did not celebrate: David Vitter, who, despite bipartisan support, voted against the measure.

That’s why I’m doing everything I can to make sure Charlie is Louisiana’s next senator. Will you join me by contributing $5 or more to the Louisiana First Fund before the September 30th deadline?

David Vitter didn’t just object to equal pay — he has consistently worked to block progress on issues affecting women.

In his one term in the Senate, he has opposed safeguarding the rights of women raped at the workplace; he voted against expanding mammogram coverage; and he even knowingly put an abusive aide in charge of women’s outreach.

Those aren’t the values I share, and show that when it comes to women and families, David Vitter’s so-called “serious sin” isn’t even his worst.

Charlie is so much more than just an alternative to Vitter. He was a vocal champion of the Fair Pay Act, and has consistently stood up for Louisiana women and families throughout his career.

Help elect a senator who will vote in favor of Louisiana women and families — not against them. Contribute $5 or more to Charlie Melancon’s Louisiana First Fund before the September 30th deadline:

We have made major progress in our fight to secure equal rights for women since we were first given the right to vote 90 years ago, but there’s still a lot of work to do. We owe it to the women who marched to give us the rights we enjoy today to support candidates who proudly stand on our side on major issues like pay equality.

Thank you for standing with Charlie, with me, and with the women and families of this great nation.


Lilly Ledbetter

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