2010 The Fate Of Our Future

September 24, 2010

In 2008, John McCain had a lot going for him. The Senator had just won his party’s nomination to become President of the United States, had a lead in polls, and faced an unlikely nominee in Barack Obama, but his fate was about to change. On October 6 the stock market began a weeklong collapse of 18.7%, falling a total 1,874 points.

John McCain never recovered and less than one month later, Barack Obama was the President-Elect. Riding high with his party controlling both the House and Senate, President Barack Obama took on the economy with a controversial “Stimulus” package. That controversy continued with the often called “Obamacare”, giving the federal government new powers and instituting new taxes. Not fulfilled with controversy, President Obama sued the state of Arizona over illegal immigration, placing a moratorium on oil drilling, and publicly supporting the building of the Mosque at ground zero. Two years later the economy remains stagnant, many people are trying to grasp the complicated health care bill, and the frustration of people is expected to lead to a huge turn-over in both the House and Senate, possibly giving the Republicans control of both houses.

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