Downer launches TV spot highlighting Landry’s Lies on Abortion

September 24, 2010

SOUTH LOUISIANA – The Downer campaign released their latest television commercial today which highlights Jeff Landry’s multiple positions regarding the issue of abortion. Below is a breakdown of the positions of Jeff Landry regarding abortion:

Jeff Landry’s Abortion Record: Contradictions, Flip-flops, and Half-Truths

In 2007, Landry said he is “undecided” about exceptions. (1)

In 2010, Landry says he does not believe in exceptions to abortion. (2)

In August of 2010, Landry says he believes in one exception – life of the mother. (3)

Again in August of 2010, Landry says he does not believe in exceptions to abortion. (4)

What will Jeff Landry say next?

1) Louisiana Family Forum questionnaire, 2007; 2), 2010; 3), Aug. 2010 4) WDSU debate, Aug. 2010

Hunt’s record has always been pro-life. Hunt Downer has an adopted daughter and co-authored anti-abortion legislation in 1990 and voted to reject the Freedom of Choice Act in 1993.a

The commercial can be viewed here:

This television spot comes on the heels of the Downer campaign launching the website In an effort to effectively and clearly lay out the exhaustive list of things his opponent, Jeff Landry, has lied to the public about, Hunt Downer’s campaign launched the website

Downer’s campaign will update the site every day with an instance of Landry being dishonest to voters previously during the campaign.

“We’ve said since the day after the election that Landry has been lying to the public regarding his positions on key issues and things in his past, and has repeatedly lied about Hunt’s record. Landry promised to run a positive campaign yet he spent months and hundreds of thousands of dollars trashing Hunt’s lifetime of service and deceiving the voters,” said Buddy Boe, Downer’s campaign manager.

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