Vitter: “Back to School for Illegal Immigrants”

September 21, 2010

When members of Congress returned to Washington this month, Harry Reid offered blanket amnesty legislation to a Department of Defense bill currently being considered in the U.S. Senate.

Harry Reid knew that he could not pass this amnesty measure on its own merits, so he is trying to slip the controversial provision that would give 12 million illegal immigrants a glide path to becoming a U.S. citizen in a bill to fund our troops.

Well, I for one won’t let this happen without a fight. Shortly after Reid’s announcement, I went to the U.S. Senate floor and urged my colleagues to join me in opposing the inclusion of this amnesty provision. Not only would the “DREAM Act” create an amnesty path for illegal aliens – up to the age of 35 – but it would also cover the costs of college tuition.

The first important vote on the DREAM Act is expected today. I will do all I can to fight it, but don’t expect any help from Charlie Melancon.

Charlie Melancon has voted time and again in favor of making life easier here for illegal aliens. From voting to give illegal aliens welfare benefits, to preventing police from arresting individuals who are here illegally, Charlie has done nothing to fight our illegal immigration problem.

In fact, he’s voted to accelerate it.

As the Chairman of the Senate Border Security Caucus, I have fought amnesty at every turn and continue to fight for ways to help our law enforcement enforce the laws on the books, like the Arizona law, which Melancon has voted against.

This DREAM Act provision is just another way amnesty supporters are attempting to grant citizenship to illegals. Join me in making sure it doesn’t get enough votes to pass.

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