NRSC: “What Melancon’s Own Poll Tells Us”

September 20, 2010

With just 43 days until Election Day national Democrats leaked an internal poll to Politico’s Morning Score, which shows Charlie Melancon trailing Senator Vitter by 10 points, “with Republican Sen. David Vitter currently drawing 48 percent of the vote to Democratic Rep. Charlie Melancon’s 38 percent.”

Aside from how staggeringly pathetic it is for Melancon and his handlers – after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on attack ads – to be pushing an internal poll showing their candidate at a double-digit deficit, I wanted to bring to your attention the internal poll Melancon’s handlers leaked in July, claiming that Melancon was a single point behind Senator Vitter…

Just to be clear on what the Democrats themselves are saying about this race… In July, they claimed Melancon was trailing 44-43, “essentially tied” with Vitter. And today, in what may prove their saddest attempt to inspire hope during this election cycle, they claim Vitter leads Melancon 48-38. So, according to the Democrats, Melancon has either lost 9 points on Vitter since the Democrats’ last poll…or the Democrats are finally admitting that they released a poll in July which they knew to be false.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, flash back to March, when the flailing Melancon campaign “attempted to renew attention on Vitter’s potential vulnerability” by leaking a poll that showed Melancon trailing Senator Vitter by… wait for it…10 points.

So, after claiming Melancon was “essentially tied” with Vitter and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on misleading attack ads, Melancon’s own polls show him exactly where he was in March – trailing David Vitter by double digits. Amazingly, the Democrats felt this was worth bragging about. For your reference, the RealClearPolitics polling average shows Senator Vitter with a 14.3 percent lead.

In reporting on Melancon’s internal polling, please consider the following statement from the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC):

“Setting aside the fact that Democrats are inexplicably bragging that Charlie Melancon is losing by ‘only’ 10 points, it’s no surprise that Senator Vitter continues to hold a commanding double-digit lead. Melancon eagerly rubber stamped President Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s reckless spending and out-of-control debt in Washington, a liberal agenda that Louisianians continue to overwhelmingly reject. Melancon’s desperate attack ads won’t change this, his attempts to run away from President Obama won’t change this – nothing will change the fact that, while Senator Vitter sides with the people of Louisiana, Melancon sides with his party bosses in Washington.” – Chris Bond, NRSC spokesman

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