Landry avoids another debate with Downer

September 17, 2010

SOUTH LOUISIANA – The political establishment chosen candidate, Jeff Landry, chose to avoid another debate this week when he refused to attend a debate held tonight in Houma between Hunt Downer and Ravi Sangisetty.

“Landry avoided another debate in the heart of the district where the media has previously reported his distortions of his military service and his multiple versions of what happened when cocaine was found under his house. Landry is avoiding debates because he is afraid of being confronted with the truth,” said Buddy Boe, Downer campaign manager.

Landry previously avoided a debate at Nicholls University that was scheduled to be held September 11, 2010. The debate, held by the Student Government Association, was canceled after Landry refused to attend.

Tonight’s debate was hosted by HTV on the nightly “Bayou Time” program and a panel of questioners was comprised of various representatives of the media. Landry canceled within hours of the debate’s start time.

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