Melancon Camp “Vitter Out Of Touch”

September 16, 2010

David Vitter is out of touch with the people of Louisiana.

How else to explain this: Vitter voted this week to block tax cuts for small businesses to help create jobs, but he supports extending $800 billion in tax breaks for the richest Americans.

Last week at a candidates’ forum in Crowley, when asked about allowing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy to expire, Vitter said that “virtually everyone in this audience is ‘the wealthy’” and would qualify for the tax cuts.

Maybe everyone is wealthy in David Vitter’s Washington, but the average middle class family here in Louisiana makes just shy of $44,000 per year — and the average woman only earns $29,147.

The Louisiana Democratic Party just released a video highlighting Vitter’s far-fetched sense of reality — click below to watch it right now:

It must be hard to know how the other half lives when you grew up with a silver spoon in your mouth — all of Vitter’s rich Harvard buddies and the big-time donors he pals around with might make that kind of money, but middle class folks in Louisiana certainly don’t.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Vitter’s been out of touch.

Just last year, Vitter voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to guarantee women the same wage as a man doing the same job. He’ll stand up to protect tax giveaways for the richest 1% of Louisianians, but won’t do a thing for women who deserve equal pay for equal work.

Maybe if Vitter hadn’t spent the better part of the last 12 years in Washington, he’d have a better grasp of what’s going on in the real world. But until he gets out more, he’s sure to continue pushing for policies that only benefit himself and his closest friends.

Watch the new video and marvel at how out of touch David Vitter is with the people of Louisiana.

Please watch the video now — then forward this email to five friends so they can see Vitter’s shocking claim, too.

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