Melancon: “Priorities”

September 14, 2010

There’s no doubt that the first priority of our US Senator should be to create jobs and get our economy moving again. I’m a small businessman. I’ve created jobs and made a payroll. I know how tough it can be out there for working families struggling through the recession.

That’s why I’ve released a comprehensive job creation plan that focuses on cutting taxes for small businesses and middle class families in order to jump-start our economy.

The Senate is taking important action on part of my plan this week by debating the Small Business Jobs Act, with a final vote expected this week. I’d proudly vote for it if I were in the Senate today. Unfortunately, David Vitter has already tried to block this badly needed legislation once — which means we need to make our voices heard.

Contact David Vitter right now and urge him to support the Small Business Jobs Act.

I’ve posted my economic plan on for all to see, but unfortunately I can’t say the same for David Vitter. If he has any sort of jobs plan aside from “more tax cuts for millionaires!” then I certainly haven’t seen it.

So what’s Senator Vitter’s top priority? Vitter has made clear that he plans to hold middle class tax cuts hostage in order to fork over more cash to the rich: He wants to spend over $800 billion on sweetheart tax giveaways that will only benefit the richest 2% of Americans at the expense of everybody else.

Our small businesses are struggling and middle class families are having a tough time making ends meet, but Vitter refuses to lift a finger to help unless his rich buddies get theirs, first.

I can’t imagine a better example of how David Vitter is part of the problem in Washington. Instead of holding the middle class hostage to giveaways that will only affect the richest Americans, we need to cut taxes for small businesses so they can expand and grow.

Click below to tell David Vitter that Louisianians want him to support job creation, not just giveaways for millionaires:

There’s a clear contrast in this race when it comes to fixing our economy. I’m a small businessman and a fiscal conservative, and my wife Peachy recently completed a tour of small businesses in over a dozen towns across Louisiana. I know that to make a business succeed, you have to be practical. You have to work with people to solve problems and get things done. Ideology doesn’t pay the bills or keep the lights on.

That’s why we need a more bipartisan, more common sense approach to creating jobs and growing the economy.

And it starts with the upcoming Senate vote on the Small Business Jobs Act. Please contact David Vitter today and urge him to support this needed bill:

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