La. Tea Party Activists Go To Washington

September 13, 2010

Louisiana Tea Party activist in Washington D.C.

Washington- Thousands gathered at the nation’s capitol Sunday for the 9/12 March on Washington. The March was held by former Speaker of the House Dick Armey and his organization Freedom Works. This is the second consecutive year that Freedom Works has held the 9/12 March on Washington.

Louisiana had it’s own delegation of Tea Party activist in the crowd and Inside Louisiana News spoke with some of them. Elaine Welch who came to “celebrate my country” said that the protest for her was getting “power back to the states”, and getting “the federal government out of our lives”. Rebecca Favre Lipe said that “we need to reconfirm our belief in the Constitution and self governance”.

A common theme by the general audience, many people felt that the Constitution was being ignored by elected officials. Favre-Lipe said that the “Constitution is being destroyed by our government and they don’t care.” Mabel Pino came because her grand children. Concerned about what kind of government her grand children would live under, said “It’s about freedom.”

Jeff Liberty said he came because he wanted elected officials to know “They don’t rule us, they are there to serve us and our needs”. Continuing with the common sentiment of self governance, Liberty said “They are not supposed to provide for us, we can do that on our own, and they need to understand that they can’t take what they want from us.”

Despite other concerns by the audience, they still haven’t forgotten what brought the group together. In early 2009, Rick Santelli railed against the stimulus package and people across the U.S. began to form their own respective Tea Parties. As Liberty stated, “They are putting us so far in debt that we won’t be able to recover and our kids won’t have anything to look forward to. The Chinese are going to move in and take over”. The Chinese hold approximately 1/3 of our foreign held debt.

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