Cao Campaign Gaining Momentum

September 12, 2010

_Baton Rouge – _Representative Joseph Cao’s re-election campaign continues to gain momentum. This week the Alliance for Good Government added its name to Representative’s Cao’s growing list of supporters.

The Alliance for Good Government is a non-profit and non-partisan organization dedicated to promoting good government for the citizens of Louisiana and public officials who are dedicated to that common ?good.

“Congratulations to Representative Joseph Cao for receiving the endorsement of the Alliance for Good Government for the second election cycle in a row,” said Republican Party of Louisiana Deputy Chairman Charlie Davis. “Over the last two years Rep. Cao has fought hard for the 2nd District and the state of Louisiana and it is certainly nice to see the Alliance for Good Government recognize Rep. Cao for all of his accomplishments. This endorsement is further indication of Rep. Cao’s growing momentum headed into the election this November.”

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