LAGOP: “Questions Charlie Melancon Won’t Answer”

September 7, 2010

_Baton Rouge – _Charlie Melancon will be attending the Alliance for Good Government forum this evening in New Orleans. Melancon continues to get a free pass on the tough questions he doesn’t want to answer.

Here is a list of eight questions to ask Charlie Melancon:

1. Why is Charlie Melancon afraid of participating in a debate sponsored by the tea parties even though more than 50 percent of Louisianians believe the tea party movement is good for the country?

2. How can Charlie Melancon honestly say he is a “fiscally conservative blue dog,” yet vote for the Wall Street bailouts, the failed stimulus, and Obama’s budget that triples the national debt?

3. Does Charlie Melancon still believe the stimulus was the “right thing to do” and is he still “proud” to have supported it?

4. Did Charlie Melancon pay for his luxury SUV with taxpayer office funds or not?

5. Why did Charlie Melancon quit the House Budget Committee and the House Science and Technology Committee, especially when he had a choice to vote against Obamacare at the time he quit the Budget Committee?

6. Why did Charlie Melancon wait until Obamacare already had enough votes to pass before he finally cast his vote against it?

7. If Charlie Melancon promotes his vote against Obamacare, why won’t he support its repeal?

8. Did President Obama or someone within the Administration offer Charlie Melancon a White House job just to run against David Vitter?

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